Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Welcome to "Go Green with Fia". Join me on my journey to uncovering the in's and out's of sustainable living. Learn new tips and trade secrets that will allow all of us to reduce our ecological footprint, and become better stewards of the environment.

Take the Ecological Footprint Survey to see how much of an impact you have on the Earth and its resources. If you have a small footprint, keep up the good work! Share with your family, friends and coworkers the small steps you have taken to lessen your impact. If you have a larger footprint, think about where you can start to slowly make changes in your life to reduce your footprint.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing with its readers basic information about going green, why its important, and the steps you can take towards a sustainable lifestyle. Many of you may already incorporate these steps into your everyday lives. Comment and share with us how these actions of benefited your lives. Share tips you might have about where to recycle, how to fashion a rain barrel, what to plant in your garden, where to find the latest energy saving appliances, etc.

Going green not only helps us conserve water, conserve energy and reduces our solid waste; it also keeps us healthy and saves us money.


  1. I took the survey, and survey says -

    A world of me would need 3.34 Earths.
    My total footprint in global acres is 129.70.
    My carbon footprint in global acres is 83.30.

    My husband and I live as sustainably as we can, but my carbon footprint is still high. Traveling, whether it is by air, car, bus or rail, all contribute to our carbon footprint. I travel a lot throughout the year, including flying to other countries. It is hard to be "green" in that aspect, unless you buy carbon offsets.

  2. I took the survey and if all the Earth were made of people like me we would need 4.39 Earths! The only area where I was above the national average was in food consumption. I think we need to eat less meat and dairy. I am going to work on that.

  3. I loved this survey. Thanks for posting it. I am rocking 3.97 earths, I would love to bring this down when I have more options to grow a garden and be closer to farmer's markets. Thanks!

  4. This is a shocker to me. I took the survey and I thought I lived like most typical Americans do. If so, we are in trouble. I scored a 6.93 earths. I think I need to try a little harder. Thanks for opening my eyes!!