Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yard Waste Collection Event

Hey All you Cincinnatians! One day only - blue skies and shining sun! As the skies have cleared today and the sun graces us with her presence, take the opportunity to clean out your garden beds and cut that lawn! The City of Cincinnati is having a yard waste pick up the week of May 9 only. This is a great opportunity to ensure all of that yard waste is going to a compost pile, not the landfill! The following press release has all the info you need, but if you want more visit their website.

"A special yard waste collection week for City residents has been scheduled for May 9 – 13, 2011. This one-time collection is designed to assist citizens by providing a convenient method to dispose of accumulated yard waste. During this week, citizens are encouraged to properly prepare and set out yard waste they may have on their regular garbage collection day. This special yard waste collection week does not include special items such as tires, appliances, and sofa beds. To schedule a special pickup of any of these items, please call 591-6000. Citizens can help spread the word about this one-time special collection. More details to follow regarding the long-term Yard Waste program.

When preparing yard waste:
- Brush and branches should be put into bundles no larger than 4’x2’.
- Individual tree limbs should be no larger than 6” in diameter.
- Leaves and lawn clipping should be an appropriate container such as a bag or can.
- When possible, consider composting or yard waste drop-off sites as an earth friendly alternative to disposing of yard waste with their regular garbage."

So collect and organize that yard waste, and help divert more material from enterting the landfill!

And Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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